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27568 Bremerhaven
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Journalists of all media can be accredited for this championship. The according for will be available soon.

Admittance for dancers and coaches

Please make sure, all participants have the” banderole” around their wrist during all competitions times. There is no entry without the tight banderole around the wrist. If it is broken or lost they must buy a ticket at the ticket booth. Prices see under “Tickets”.

Dance Floor

There are two or three dance floors for all solo, duo and small group/crew competitions.
There is one dance floor for formations and productions.

Enter from the right

All dancers meet at the right triangle from the dance floor (looking from the tribunes). Our nice security will take care that all dancers enter the dance floor from the right side.

Leave to left

Please leave the dance floor to the other side to be able to see your video afterwards.

Dance-time – be on time!

Please be sure all your dancers are ready (in the dance-costumes) at least 90 minutes prior to the announced or scheduled start of your competition. There might be time changes or hope rounds. The moderators are calling the dancers one time. Afterwards the round will start, even if somebody is missing. The missing dancers cannot dance later or afterwards.
Please make sure, everybody is on the floor on time to avoid frustration.

DJ – Music – Man

Our Dj is Dan Castel from Bremerhaven, Germany (


All dancers – who have not reached the next round – receive a diploma with their ranking (place) latest 90 minutes after the end of the round. Please go to the Check IN / Check OUT counter in the FOYER of the Stadthalle Bremerhaven. These diplomas are the official proof of the ranking / places. (Finalists receive their diplomas at the winner’s ceremony)


The restaurant in Stadthalle Bremerhaven will every day serve a nice food for dancers and family. More information will follow soon.
You can check the menu at the Check in.
You are not allowed to bring/order food or drinks into the Hall. Bags will randomly be checked at the entrance.
And NO food-consume in the tribunes, only in the catering and outdoor areas.

IDO Official Judges Meeting

(with Chairpersons of judges)
Monday, 14.10.2019 from 19:00h – 21:00h
Meet at Check IN /Check OUT Counter.
All judges must be attending!

IDO-official and representatives

Dyer, Bonnie (Canada)

Chairperson of judges:
Srdic, Velibor (Bosnia & Herzegovina)
Dan Jensen, Kirsten (Denmark)


All dancers – solos, duos, groups/crews, formations and productions – must be registered with the IDO. All participants have been enrolled through DIES, the IDO Direct Internet Enrolment System so they are all registered with the IDO.
The Team Captain of each country must pay any outstanding IDO annual dancers licence-fee of 20€ per dancer to the IDO-head office before the first start – during Check IN times.


The official language of the IDO is English. Therefore, the whole event will be conducted in English language.

Live stream

Livestream is in planning.


Stadthalle Bremerhaven
Wilhelm-Kaisen-Platz 1
27568 Bremerhaven

Lost and Found

At the Check In & Check Out counter in the FOYER of Stadthalle Bremerhaven.

Mobile numbers of team captains

Please give us your mobile phone number at the Check In counter. So, we might reach you if there is a problem with your dancers or a time change. Please understand this is no guarantee we reach all team captains because of time changes or other purposes. But we will try.
NO liability for personal belongings, lost or stolen.
There is no liability at all for the organizer for any lost or stolen items.
Please make sure, to have all personal belongings in your control. As the parking space for the busses are close to the hall, you might consider, to leave your valuables in the bus with the driver.


Our moderators are Jenny Hull-Krogull and Thomas Püttmann-Lentz from Germany.


Please note that in Germany only Euro (€) are accepted.

Official Hip Hop-Wear

Get your own Championship-wear.
Great quality! Cool!
See our interesting vendor stands in the Foyer.

Opening of the doors

The doors of the Stadthalle Bremerhaven will be opening daily 1 hour before the first competition or rehearsal starts.

Office times / Registration

Check In & Check Out
Monday 14.10.2019 16:00h – 20:00h (Check In only)
Tuesday 15.10. till Saturday 19.10.: all days from 08:30h till the end of the competitions or price giving.


Busses: Left side of the Hall at the "Eisarena". Parking for busses is free.
Cars: In front and at the side of the Hall – parking tickets have to be purchased on site.


Our partner Event Photo from Hungary offers our unique photos of your performance. Please visit our stand in the lobby.

Presentation of the Nations

Thursday, 17.10.2019
17:30h Presentation of nations, all nations show your national flags.

Red Cross and First Aid

Paramedics and first aid are at the dance floor for any help and assistance. If one of your dancers has a problem, please do not hesitate to contact them directly.
If an accident has happened they may bring the injured person to the hospital. Please be aware, that this will create expenses, which must be covered by a valid health insurance.

Registration / Check Out

Receive your diplomas latest 90 minutes after the last dance in each category (except for finalists) to be picked up by the national team captains.


The day after the final of each category the official results can be seen on the IDO-website:
The whole results-lists and scrutineering-tables will be e-mailed to the participating IDO-nations some days after the end of the event automatically.


Because of fire-safety reasons it is not allowed to use heating or diving boilers and/or other heating/ warming equipment in the hall. The security must take this away if they find any. Please do not bring any with you!

Schedule of the Championships

Please see the official schedule for the entire event published near the Check In counter. All times are according to the number of enrollments and subject to change without prior notice. Changes will be announced at the floor and published on the big screens. It is up to you to check this.


Because of the great numbers of dancers from all over the world there will be security staff in the hall. In addition, bags will randomly be checked at the entrance.
Security is patrolling in the dressing areas also. If people are found without banderole, they will be sent out of the dressing area without exceptions and out of the hall.
For the fair treatment of everybody participating, theft or damage will be reported to the police immediately to take action.

Ticket booth is open

Tuesday 15.10. till Saturday 19.10.: all days from 08:30h

Tickets for guests and supporters

For spectator’s tribunes only – no backstage admittance

Flat ticket (from 15 years of age): 85,- €
Flat ticket (between 6 and 14 years): 65,- €
4-day ticket* (from 15 years of age): 70,- €
4-day ticket* (between 6 and 14 years): 55,- €
Day ticket (from 15 years of age): 23,- €
Day ticket (between 6 and 14 years): 18,- €
Children under 6 years free

Special Offer for HipHop Battles & Breakdance (Friday+Saturday):
Weekend ticket (from 15 years of age): 35,- €
Weekend ticket (between 6 and 14 years): 25,- €

Everybody, MUST have a banderole to enter the hall.
For security reasons, bags will randomly be checked at the entrance.
* only valid for 4 censecutive days (Tuesday-Friday or Wednesday-Saturday)

Time schedule

According the large amount of dancers there might be time-changes possible. Please check with the Check-In counter at least every day at 14:00h, 16:00h and 18:00h if there are time changes. They will also be announced in the hall.


If you need a transfer from the airport, feel free to contact us. We can organize the shuttle on your expenses.


IDO - World Hip Hop-, Breakdance and Electric Boogie Championships:
IDO - International Dance Organization:

Winner’s ceremony

After the finals – and according time schedule – there will be presentation of the finalists and the winners. All Finalists please be near the dance floor to receive the medals and trophies. We will give out medals for all finalists and trophies for the third to the first place. Good luck.
When we play the national anthem, the audience will rise in honor of the country.
Solos/Duos/Groups/Crews will receive their medals, trophies and diplomas at the Podium.
Formations/Productions get their medals, trophies and diplomas on the dance floor in this formation:
4 5 6
 2 3

Have a great time in the beautiful city of Bremerhaven and at the “IDO World HipHop-, Electric Boogie- & Break Dance Championships 2019”